How to set point separator for thousands in go.Table

In cells in go.Table like the example bellow. How I can change the comma for dot ?

values=[x, y],
format=[None, β€œ,d”],


To display thousands with comma separator, just set the format for the corresponding column of the form:

format = [format for other columns, ",d"]# the last format is for thousands
Unfortunately format =[".d"] doesn’t work. Neither layout.separators=",.". In this case use a trick:

Define your list of int values containing thousands, and convert it to a list of strings as follows:

vals = [20000, 5000000, 700000, 500]
vals = [f'{v:,}'.replace(',', '.') for v in vals]

Now vals is the following list:

['20.000', '5.000.000', '700.000', '500']

Passing to cells.values this list for some column you’ll get a table that displays thousand as above.

Thanks, Did work well.