How to secure my Dash app with HTTPS (SSL certification)

Currently, I am deploying my dash app in a docker container that is configured with uWSGI and Nginx. The dashboard is then accessible on the configured IP but with an http protocol. I would like to add SSL certification so that users can access my dashboard through https instead. I searched google and browsed the dash forum & tutorial docs, but could not find any information that really explains how to set this up for a dash app. Does anyone on this forum have maybe some more knowhow how to achieve such a https setup, or maybe a link to a good step-by-step tutorial?

Thanks in advance!


Hi everyone, any guide / solution?

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Did you ever find this out?

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Any solution here?

Take this with a grain of salt because I am not an expert but I believe this has more to do with your configuration in uWSGI and nginx than it has to do with plotly.

In my dash app, I have a similar setup in docker that runs on AWS. My dashboard is accessed through https but that https configuration ends at my load balancer. By the time it gets to the app its all http. I’d imagine if you searched uWSGI https configuration how-to that might be the way to go.

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