How to scale or zoom Dash go.Pie?

On dashboard Pie so small.
I fund solution with css:
.pielayer {
scale: 1.7;
transform: translate(-111px, -71px);
but when resizing , you need to do translate, and with manual selected parameters

How scale or zoo, Pie ?


I have noticed this issue myself. Alot of it seems to be associated with the legend itself taking up too much of the area when compared to the actual pie.

Try moving the legend around, or hiding it all together and see if you get something that looks right.

pieFig.update_layout(showlegend=False, margin={'b':0, 'l':0, 't':0, 'r':0})

This will update to remove your legend and decrease all your margins to maximize the pie chart in the area.

thanks, but the legend is needed, the size is too small with it

temporarily solved the problem with css
.pielayer {
transform-origin: center;
transform: scale(1.7);

You can try to move the legend around too. Change its orientation as well.

Nice that you have something that works.