How to save multiple html into one html file in gridview?

Hello, I want to place multiple graphs, like 4-6, into one html file which is not scrollable. It should put all the graphs into a gridview so that I can see all of them at once. I know there is subplots, but with Plotly Express there is no way to use this and Plotly Go is no alternative for the things I do in one graph (Regression and displaying the corresponding data).

Right now I use this to get it into a single html file, but I need to scroll and therefore it is only one graph at the same time vissible:

with open('p_graph.html', 'a') as f:
    f.write(fig1.to_html(full_html=False, include_plotlyjs='cdn'))
    f.write(fig2.to_html(full_html=False, include_plotlyjs='cdn'))
    f.write(fig3.to_html(full_html=False, include_plotlyjs='cdn'))

Any idea how can I do this?:slight_smile: