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Creating an HTML report offline


I’m trying to create an HTML report that simply just appends multiple plotly plots into one HTML file instead of having several individual HTML files. The charts aren’t really related, so not interested in creating subplots.

I know there’s a method to create subplots by uploading the charts online then using the plotly URL (, but is there a way to simply just combine the HTML files together? I tried a simple copy paste job and adjusting HTML elements, but it didn’t seem to work.

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Using the stacked subplot example put out, you can edit the line:

fig[‘layout’].update(height=600, width=600, title=‘Stacked subplots’)

the height is the key. programmatically make it equal to whatever height you want * # of charts you will have
so say you want height = 800 for each chart and have 10 charts. you can make height = 800 * 10 or 8000 and the result yields multiple charts in the same html file

I would also change the width as well…I’ve double to 1200 and it fills up the screen more.