How to restrict an arrow to axes in

I am using the plotly.graph_objects.Figure.add_annotation() function to add an arrow into an interactive plot - for example:

import plotly.graph_objects as go
import as pio

pio.renderers.default = 'browser'

fig = go.Figure()

fig.add_annotation(ax = 1, axref = 'x', ay = 1, ayref = 'y',
                   x = 2, xref = 'x', y = 1, yref = 'y',
                   arrowwidth = 5, arrowhead = 3)

fig.update_layout(xaxis_range = [0, 3], yaxis_range = [0, 2])

This renders the arrow just fine: arrow

However, when I use the pan tool (βœ₯) to move the axes around, the arrow is entirely visible as long as either its head or its tail is on the axes - as seen here with the arrow head extending beyond the boundaries of the axes: arrow outside of axes

The same happens with the arrow tail. As a sidenote, similar outcome can be also achieved directly (without having to use the pan tool) by setting the layout as follows before calling

fig.update_layout(xaxis_range = [-1.2, 1.8], yaxis_range = [0, 2])

Instead, this is what my desired outcome would be: arrow restricted to the axes

I haven’t found any clues in the documentation.

Is there a way to restrict visibility of the arrow only to the extent of the visible axes?