How to resize scatters in mapbox independently

By default, scatters in a mapbox will scale between themselves based on the min and max values of the dataframe column selected. What I want to do is to define a min and max range that is separated from the dataframe, and make the data points resize based on this independent range. I can do this for the color scale using ‘range_color’, but I can’t find a property to do something similar for the size of the scatters. Another option that works would be to disable the size scaling based on the other datapoints, and only use the absolute values given, but I don’t know how to do this either. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Markers size themselves with the data with a fixed 0=0 mapping, so you can’t set the min and max directly per se. You can use the sizemax setting in Plotly Express or the sizeref setting in Graph Objects to control the relationship between data and size, and you can use sizemin to clip the bottom, but you can’t scale your data from 1-10 into a size range of 2-5, say.

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That’s unfortunate. Thanks for the fast reply!