How to replicate cufflinks' solar theme in plotly express?


I am a big fan of cufflinks’ solar theme, and I want to use the same theme in so that I can use the same theme in dash. Even after spending a few hours on reading cufflinks’ source code, I can’t quite figure out what is the parameter of the theme, and how I can port it to Can anyone help me with this?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @chainster_mike the solar theme is defined here in the cufflinks source code. The plotly solution would be to define a template. You can write your own template using the parameters of cufflinks, and if you would be interested in contributing this to plotly, please open an issue in to start the discussion whether we want to include a new template with the plotly package or not (ideally including screenshots of the theme). Thanks!

Thanks! I will give it a try at writing the template first, and I will open the issue as well. For me, the reason for wanting to have a solar theme is because I often use cufflinks and at the same notebook, so it will be nice to have a consistent theme through out. Also, I like the color sequence of the solar better.