How to recreate app when external config changes

I’m making a server to convert Rmarkdown to Dash apps. The idea is parse all params in the rmd file and make corresponding Dash inputs. Then add a submit button which compile the rmd to html somewhere and iframe back. I use an external database to store the info for rmd paths so user can dynamically add files. The problem is when a rmd file changes, the server has to reparse the file and recreate the app and serve at the same url. I don’t have an elegant solution. Right now I’m doing something like this.

server = Flask(name)

def convert_rmd_to_dash(path):
file = get_file_path_from_db(path)
mtime = get_last_modified_time(file)
cached_app, cached_mtime = get_cache(path)
if cached_mtime == mtime:
return cached_app
inputs = parse_file(file)
app = construct_dash_app(inputs)
return app.index()

def construct_dash_app(inputs):
app = dash.Dash(
routes_pathname_prefix=’/some_url_user_will_never_use/’ + file_name + time.time()
app.layout = …

return app

It works but I get many routing rules under /some_url_user_will_never_use. Directly overwriting rmd/path might be possible but feels hacky based on Stackoveflow’s answer. Is there a better solution? Thanks.

Anyone can help here? Thanks.