Multiple apps and live updates

I have created an internal dash app server for the lab members where they can put their apps. There is an index page that allows redirecting to the chosen app. The problem is that if the users change their app if we want to see the changes in the browser we need to restart the server. I have tried to pass a method instead of a layout but it doesn’t work because often the changes are other elements of the app not only the data. Is there way to do that without restarting the server?


can you provide more information on how the changes are being made currently??
dash hasa developer tool called hot reload which is intentded to do exactly what you want but only if you’re running in a developer enviroment
official documentation about it here:


Thank you for the information. The changes are made in the file and then saved. But I’m afraid that devtools option is not working for these possible two reasons:
First, my server goes through an apache server like this issue(Deploy Dash on apache server [solved!])
Second, the dash apps are not in the current working directory. We have an special root directory where the dash apps are stored and where they are accessible to all users to add new ones or modify them.
Might these be the reasons? Is there any solution for that? Can we change the working directory the “file watcher” is checking?