How to read from meta on hovertemplate format code?

I’ve been trying to understand the way Parcats uses to edit its Line’s hovertemplate. When it comes to other graphs such as Scattergeo or others ir seems like this kind of data is usually passed by customdata, however for Parcats this step is instead made by meta.

I’ve actually managed to pass the info I need through meta, but I can only make it so that it appears with the complete array. I can address a single element by using %{meta[i]} where i is replaced by an integer, but I can’t seem to find any way documented to address a unique element for each line programmatically.

import pandas as pd
import plotly.graph_objects as go

df = pd.DataFrame([
	{'Category 1': 'A', 'Category 2': 'X', 'Category 3': 'Alpha', 'Count': 3, 'Label': 5},
	{'Category 1': 'A', 'Category 2': 'Y', 'Category 3': 'Beta', 'Count': 1, 'Label': 7},
	{'Category 1': 'B', 'Category 2': 'X', 'Category 3': 'Beta', 'Count': 2, 'Label': 8}

category_1_dim = go.parcats.Dimension(
	values=df["Category 1"],
	categoryorder='category ascending', label="Category 1"

category_2_dim = go.parcats.Dimension(
	values=df["Category 2"],
	categoryorder='category ascending', label="Category 2"

category_3_dim = go.parcats.Dimension(
	values=df["Category 3"],
	categoryorder='category ascending', label="Category 3"

fig = go.Figure(
			dimensions = [category_1_dim, category_2_dim,category_3_dim],
			counts = df["Count"],
			meta = df["Label"],
				"hovertemplate": "Label: %{meta}"
			hovertemplate = 'Count: %{count}',