Customized hovertemplate on plotly parcats fig

So I tried to put hovertemplate inside go.Parcats but not sure which way to put it. I want something like when you hover on any line it shuold show the custom discription like names of attributes and count and percentage on hover.

Also is there any wat to blank out those labels at the bottom of the chart so that it looks less busy and nicer but also when you hover on it shuold show up details. I know it’s too much of customization but hoping it’s doable.

dimensions.append(dict(values = df[dim], label = dim, categoryarray = df[dim].unique(), categoryorder = 'array', ticktext = slabel))

fig = go.Figure(data = [go.Parcats(dimensions= dimensions,
                                    line = {'color': color, 'colorscale':colorscale,}, 

Thanks for reading and help

Hi @justinpatel, welcome to the forums.

It is not the most common trace you are using, so maybe you could add a MRE?

I think it would help you to get helped :slight_smile: