How to plot volume and technical indicators on candlestick charts of stock market

How can I plot volume and technical indicators on candle stick chart of stocks.


This is a recurrent question, so I will point you to two links that might help you: here and here.

Please feel free to follow up if you have specific questions about their approach or if something is not working in your particular use case.

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Thanks a lot sir for replying. I was not really expecting any reply, but you made my day. Regarding the answer, I would like to submitt that there are many other indicators also apart from volume like moving average, bollinger bands, rsi etc…Does dash has the capability to plot them?

As far as I know, Plotly does not have a direct support for the indicators that you have mentioned.

On the other hand, they are all time-series traces and it is very simple to compose the with financial charts like OLHC. So one can simply use libraries like pandas-ta to calculate the indicator and add to the chart via go.Line or something like that.

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Thanks once again for your prompt reply sir.

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