How to plot subplots with different barmodes

Is it possible to plot subplots with different barmodes? I can’t figure out how to do this:
E.g. Subplot1: barmode = stack, subplot2: barmode=overlay, subplot3: barmode=group

@bbelmans Unfortunately you cannot insert bars of different barmodes in subplots, because barmode is not associated to axes, but to the figure. When you set in layout barmode='stack', then the bars in all subplots are stacked.

@empet Thank you for the quick response. That’s a pity. Strange that it is associated with figure. It would be useful to be able to define it at the level of the subplot. I suppose it’s also impossible to combine multiple figures in 1 plot?

@bbelmans Only bars of different barmodes cannot be inserted in subplots. In the same subplot or different subplots you can insert all other types of Plotly traces.

Apparently histograms are similar to bars. I wanted to make a plot with one subplot with histograms in overlay and another subplot with stacked bars