How to change barmodes between subplots

Hey all,
I had what I thought was a very simple problem but it has sent me through a rabbit hole and I guess I’m missing something. I was trying to make a very simple 2x1 plot. The first plot was a stacked bar plot, and the second one is a regular bar plot. But, because the barmode argument is attached to figure’s layout, I can’t find a way to change a specific subplot’s barmode.

My code goes something like this:

    trace1 = go.Bar(x=dfv['date'], y=dfv['used'],
    trace2 = go.Bar(x=dfv.fecha, y=dfv.disponible
    fig.append_trace(trace1, 1, 1)
    fig.append_trace(trace2, 1, 1)
    trace3 = go.Bar(, y=dfv.cost, name='Cost')
    trace4 = go.Bar(x=dfv['date'], y=dfv['price'], name='Price')
    fig.append_trace(trace3, 2, 1)
    fig.append_trace(trace4, 2, 1)

So, how can I make traces 1 and 2 stacked and traces 3 and 4 regular barplots? I tried things, that has a barmode argument, but it has weird interactions with add_trace() (or I’m also missing something, so that kinda worked, but the label was lost and I had to update several properties with udpate_traces . I also tried cufflinksiplot but barmode was ignored by Dash.