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How to plot and present the multiple values whenever user placed mouse on point it using plotly and ggplot2

Hi ,

I have dataset (sample) something it’s looks like a below(or PFA) and here I have a requirement like this whenever user placed mouse on it, it needs display Ordernumber,OrderDate,Totalamount at this moment i’m getting only OrderDate and Totalamount as I have passed these 2 parameters to X and Y.Can anyone guide me how to do that .Here I’m attaching sample data as well R script that you can use it for to plot the graph .
Thanks in advance !!

Data :t5 <- data.frame(list(OrderNumber = c(1005,10010,10011,10012,10013,10028),OrderDate=c( “2015-05-28 10:13:19”, “2015-05-29 12:18:46”,“2015-06-01 05:18:06”,“2015-06-01 05:38:30”,“2015-06-01 05:44:13”,“2015-07-16 14:34:09”),TotalCost=c(44.9800,12.8993,38.0000,38.0000,9.5000,16.5743)))

R script :
g = ggplot(data = t5, aes(x = OrderDate, y = TotalCost)) +
geom_line(stat = “identity”,color=“blue”) +
geom_point() +
scale_fill_manual(name = “legend”) +
ylab(“Order Cost in $”) +
xlab(“OrderDate”) +



Hi Manohar,
Try passing aes(text=paste(“OrderNumber:”,Ordernumber,“OrderDate:”,OrderDate,“Totalamount:”,Totalamount)) into geom_point.


Oh…and you can use html line breaks with < br > (minus spaces) to insert line breaks. Having a hard time to demonstrate here since it keeps creating a line break in the editor…

aes(text=paste(“Ordernumber:”,Ordernumber**,"< br >OrderDate:",OrderDate,…ect.