How to plot a 2 dimensional array on y axis to a unidimensional array on x axis in one trace?

y = array [395][124];
x = array [395];

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You’ll need to draw 2 traces.

etienne can you please elaborate that for me please.Cause I have been trying this since a while all the example i see are static but mine is a dynamic scenario. I have been trying and atlast decided to ask for some help

Even i am also facing same problem. I am trying to plot a graph with 2D array on to the y axis. But not getting expected result. I am trying as below
var trace1 =
x: array0,

where as all array’s have data and interactive(can be overlap) each other.

It is taking only static values …not able to pick the values which are in array. Could you please suggest how to over come this issue…