How to override pytest_setup_options for testing?

I’m adding tests for my Dash application as described here
I need to pass additional argument to chromedriver to make it work inside Docker - --no-sandbox.
The docs say that

there is a back door for browser option customization by a pytest_setup_options hook defined in

I’ve found where it is defined in the dash.testing source code, but can’t figure out how to override it (some dark magic with pytest’s hooks which I’m not familiar with and fail to understand through pytest docs).
Thank you.

UPD: says:

Now your hook is ready to be used. To register a function at the hook, other plugins or users must now simply define the function pytest_my_hook with the correct signature in their .

I tried it:

But I only see ‘1111’ in the output later. And my pytest_setup_options does not get called.

Did you figure this out? I’m also facing this issue.