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📣 Announcing Dash Testing

Hello Community,

As part of Dash 1.0.0 release, dash.testing :test_tube: provides some off-the-rack pytest fixtures and a minimal set of testing APIs with our internal crafted best practices at the integration level.

It’s blazing-fast to test dash apps with Selenium,

and super easy to write your first web automation test.

def test_demo_official_doc_site(dash_br):

    dash_br.server_url = 'https://dash.plot.ly/testing'

    assert dash_br.wait_for_element("h1").text == "Dash Testing"
    assert dash_br.get_logs() == [], "browser console should contain no error"

    dash_br.percy_snapshot("dash testing page")

See full testing document here


Amazing, this is great!

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Very cool - is there any way to specify a headless mode?

hi @mtm

Do you mean PhantomJS or headless mode in Firefox and/or Chrome? It would be great if you can provide more context, insights as feature request here. Thanks

sorry just back from vacation, I found your issue in github and will address it soon.

Hello @byronz, thank you sharing your experience. I tried your approach and I got an error as the following:
raise WebDriverException(
selenium.common.exceptions.WebDriverException: Message: ‘chromedriver’ executable needs to be in PATH.
I have downloaded the chromedriver. Where shall I put the file? Thank you.