How to keep dash continuously run after restart or turn off PC

I’m using Jupyter Notebook for coding and create Dash and I have a question that is there anyway to keep Dash continuously run locally after restarting or turn off PC?

When deploying app to web as heroku or render, it will continuously run although I turned off PC.

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Hi @hoatran ,

you might start your app on startup of your PC via a script.

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Hi @AIMPED, did you have ever tried it before?


I did not try it with a Dash app, but a while ago I had a script running at PC startup which performed other stuff. I don’t see, why this shouldn’t work with DASH.

I would have to try myself, but I think googling for “autostart python script” is a good starting point.

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Depending on your computer, there are a couple of options.

If you are running windows, you can perform a command prompt with task scheduler that goes into the folder, starts up you venv (if needed) and runs your script.

If Linux, you can either use supervisor or crontab.

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@AIMPED @jinnyzor: Thank for your kindness. I will try to research about autostart python script as your suggestion.