Running Dash for a long period of time


Has anyone faced this issue before?

I am trying to create a dashboard that will be displayed on a large office screen over a long period of time,maybe like months.

However, the issue is that the program will crash if I leave it running overnight.

Would appreciate if anyone faced this before and have some suggestions about it.

Thank you

You should probably try to figure out why it is crashing in the first place (:

That being said, if you run the app via docker, e.g. using gunicorn, you can set the restart option to “always”. Your app will then be restarted automatically if/when it crashes.

thanks for the suggestion.

Is there a way to restart it without using any docker?
current it get stuck at hot reloading from what I understand.

There are many options, but i think that the docker solution is one of the simplest, and it is very robust.