How to integrate drill-down chart in django using plotly python

I am using Django, and How to integrate drill-down charts in Django using Plotly python. I watched many online tutorials but it gives demos of all flasks app. Can you share some tutorials and others links or demo working examples?

Take a look at django-plotly-dash (Iā€™m one of the authors) which was created specifically to embed dash apps within Django. It might be what you are looking for, or maybe not quite what you need - in which case its source code might provide some pointers on how to embed.

Your main architectural choice is between embedding the code inside the Django server or hosting it alongside. This really depends on your use case.


I have some basic knowledge of python and I am using a Django. I am trying to create drill down operation for various chart in Plotly Dash. I have tried multiple demos from online but I am not able to find any proper tutorials which provides.

I was trying to this demo : python - Drill through bar chart Dash plotly - Stack Overflow , but this demo is in flask app but i need a code in Django. How do I put this code into Django?. Anyone please share useful demo links or some other tutorials with details which can I use.

Thanks in advance.