How to include a new plot in Plotly?

I’ve created a lib for creating Calendar Heatmaps Plotly Calplot and want to understand if there’s a process to include it as a object in the Plotly lib, maybe in plotly_express. Is there any documentation of how to ask for it or some requeriments to make it happen?

Samples of the code and plot below.

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Hi Bruno,
That’s a good question. (And a very nice feature)

We try to avoid extending the pattern of having plotly.js or (including PX) generate graphs that don’t map cleanly onto native plotly.js trace types.

Therefore, when users want to contribute new features, the best route is to make a separate package and tell us about it in the community forum, just like you did. We are happy to promote these packages to the world so many other community members can start using them.

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