How to import an a dash application with pytest-dash?

I am reading the documentation for pytest-dash. I will probably ask several questions.

But right now, I am confused on this point.

Under Importing Applications, the docs say: “Import existing Dash applications from a file with import_app(). The application must be named app.” And nothing more.

In the example given below, am I right to assume this means I should replace ‘my_app’ with ./ since launches the app being tested?

When I run it, I don’t receive an error message, but (of course) I don’t receive output either.

In the end, I am trying to feed test data into a Dash textarea. Selenium webdriver alone does not recognize the Dash html item’s id. Thank you for reviewing my question.

Example from docs:

from pytest_dash.application_runners import import_app

def test_application(dash_threaded): 
	app = import_app('my_app')