How to fit 'outside' text with smaller charts

I’m trying to add ‘outside’ text labels for my bar chart, but it requires me to change the height of the bar chart.

Here is an example in the chart studio. I uncovered that a fixed-height of 400 allowed my text labels to be visible, but at a height of 200 (which is what I would like for my dashboard), the text ends up being cut off. Any idea how to fix this?

Hoping to give this question a second shot. Anybody know why the labels on top of a bar chart are only shown when the graph is a certain height? Is there anyway to fix this?

Ha, bar text doesn’t contribute to the auto-range calculation at the moment. You’ll to set the layout.yaxis.range to un-hide your text nodes.

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Great, that helps!

Since there is no solution built in, I figured I could find a constant factor that displays text all the time and just add it to the whatever the auto range would’ve been.

I don’t spend much time in the plotly.js source since I work in dash. Where do I find how the autorange is calculated?