How to efficiently Restyle/Update/Modify plot containing frames?

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I read about plotly functionality to call Plotly.restyle or Plotly.relayout instead of creating a whole new plot, whenever the data or layout attributes change. (see
However, I am using an animated plot containing frames and was wondering, if something similar exists, which is applied to frames or if I have to replot the whole plot, when for example a frame is added.
Is functionality, applied to the data object such as addTraces extended and applied to all frames or do I explicitly have to set it?

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Not at all. restyle, addTraces and other **Traces methods only apply to the traces appearing on the graph at that time.

Yes. Calling Plotly.addFrames with the same frame name will replace the frame data. See for an example.

Thanks a lot for your reply @etienne. And thank you for pointing me towards the add frames function…somehow I had overlooked it existed.

No worries! There’s this piece on the topic, if you’re looking for more info.