Restyle vs NewPlot

According to the documentation, using Plotly.restyle is more efficient than Plotly.newplot.
For example, if my plot got three traces and I would like to update two of them (x and y data) using a for loop. Is it more efficient to do :

Plotly.restyle(myDiv, updateObj, 1); Plotly.restyle(myDiv, updateObj2, 2);


Plotly.newPlot(myDiv, plotData);

I noticed that by using Plotly.restyle, the range selector won’t be updated. In the other hand, Plotly.newplot will update the range selector but will it decrease the performance even more ?

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Ploty.restyle only update traces objects.

To update layout objects, you’ll need to use Plotly.relayout.

I use Plotly.restyle to update my x and y data from the main plot.
I understand that range slider is part of the layout but it does not seem to include x and y data properties.
Even if I use Plotly.relayout, I do not know how to set my new layout using new values.

Can you share a reproducible snippet of what you tried so far?

I am sorry I was not really clear.
By pressing the “Restyle” button, my data will update (restyle) but the rangeslider won’t. How can I use relayout to update the rangeslider data ?

Here is a jsfiddle:

Oh that’s a known bug - related to

We’re hoping to get it fixed in the 1.18.0 release.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Ok thank you for the information !