How to dynamically update Dash chart / table on server side events (without dcc interval)?

I have a question and hope that you can help me.

We need to display data from a handheld measuring device in a Dash chart and table.
The device does not send data regularly but only when the user presses a button on it,
then we have to update the chart and table in the UI.

Of course we could create a API around the device and pull new data every second but I would
like to know if there are other possibilities.
Maybe have an open websocket connection to the device’s API and send new events on that.
But how would the connection to Dash look like?
Can someone point me into the right direction on this?

Kind regards,

If you want to transmit the data via websocket, you could use the WebSocket component. An alternative would be to use server sent events via the EventSource component, assuming you only need to transmit data from the server to the client (and not the other way around).