How to dynamically generate url_base_pathname in dash app

I use dash a little different because I need to use OIDC with keycloak. On top I need to call another keycloak client/API to get an id from the user who wants to access my endpoint. With this id I want to generate the endpoints dynamically.

I have now the dash app assigned to the Flask server:

app = Flask(__name__)
oidc = OpenIDConnect(app)

dashboard = dash.Dash(server = app, name = 'Dashboard', url_base_pathname='/dashboardx/')

A function which redirects to the dashboard app:

def render_dashboard(id):

    if id == 33:
        report.layout = html.Div([
            html.H1('some_id 33 layout')])
        return redirect('/dashboardx/')

The Flask API:

@app.route('/redirect/', endpoint='route1')
def route_rt():

  .....some oidc stuff...
   assigning some_id variable

    if some_id is not None:

           return render_dashboard(some_id) 

This works, so far. The problems:
If I have 1000 dashboards for each user, do I have to declare them each repetitive? like dashboard1 = ...url_base_pathname='/dashboard1/') , dashboard2 = ...url_base_pathname='/dashboard2/') Or is there a more elegant way to define them dynamically?

like dashboard<some_id> = ...url_base_pathname='/dashboard<some_id>/')

is this possible? I couldn’t find a way yet