Can i set multiple url_base_pathname?

I have a dash app that i may want to call from different sources.

For example, to solve this problem in a react app i solved it in the index.html this way:


In a dash app, i need to set multiple base path names:

When i defined my app this way:

app= Dash (..., url_base_pathname='/some/other/path/')


app= Dash (..., url_base_pathname='/')

It works in one of the pages, but not in both. Can i do something like this?:

app= Dash (..., url_base_pathname=['/', '/some/other/path/'])

So that all requests are duplicated.

Thank you!

The url_base_pathname or similar configuration option allows you to specify the base path or URL prefix for your application. This is useful when your application is hosted under a subdirectory or when you want to customize the URL structure.

Some frameworks or libraries may provide options to set multiple url_base_pathname values or handle multiple base paths in different ways. However, this functionality may not be available in all frameworks or libraries out-of-the-box.