How to dodge selected button reset on interval update

I have created a list of buttons as suggested here

I have an interval updated in my code too. How can I dodge button reset to first index on every interval update.
Want to keep active button i.e. last selected from dropdown named my_sel

@app.callback([Output(‘my_sel’, ‘value’)],[State(‘my_sel’,‘value’),Input({“index”: ALL}, “n_clicks”)])
def update_transation_dict_on_scatter_click_my_sel_symbol(my_sel,_):
get_button_index = ctx.triggered_id.index
variable_on = my_symbols[int(float(get_button_index))]
return [variable_on]

Please suggest

Hello @yogi_dhiman,

I dont see anything here that would cause things to reset based upon your interval. Could you please provide more of your code, specifically the interval callback?

Please also remember to use the </> button at the top.