How to display text before value from a callback?

I have line html.H6(id='output_div') that display an integer (say 10), and I would like to display some text before that integer (say “This is integer”). I can’t use {}.format() in the callback function because I need to input that integer in another callback function. How could I modify html.H6(id='output_div') to display “This is integer 10” on a single line instead of “10”?

Why don’t you pass another variable like:

text = “This is integer:”+str(value)

return text

As I said, I need the interger asis to input another callback.

You can send the integer ‘value’ to a dcc.Store and then use it, or just use the ‘text’ and get the integer again int(text[16:])

The proper solution is here: