How can I show a bold text output?

I have a problem with output text. I have a dashboard and I wanna show the ‘Last time’ value as date (YYYY-MM-DD), I was planned to show a led display like this. But it is not working with something different from integer.
And after this, I tried to show as bold text output. like:

html.H4("Last Training Date is: xxxx-xx-xx", style={"font-weight": "bold"})

But I couldn’t find how can I do.

Actually, I should bring it from a callback because I’ll run this app container. Soo our question is: How can I show a bold text output??


For this, you can simply use html.B instead of the inline css styles(html.B | Dash for Python Documentation | Plotly)

This way, you can define text in bold inside of your html.H4.

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Thank you. Actually i solved my problem with dash-admin-components InfoBox. And actually it so nice looking thing for this type of tasks.