How to create MATLAB figure that I could view it via web browser?

I’m new here.
I have a MATLAB figure (*.fig).

Is there a way for me to save it in some way, that I could afterwards open it via my web browser? (Chrome)

Not as an image, but as “figure”. so I could have Zoom / Pan / etc…

Thank You!

Hi @moose welcome to the forums.

This sounds a bit strange to me. You could save the figure into a *.png file and then open it with a image viewer?

Which functionality do you need exactly?

for the sake of completeness, here is how to open a *.png file and convert it into a plotly figure object:

import as px
from PIL import Image

img ='your_file_here')
fig = px.imshow(img=img)

Thank you for the response.
what I need is:

  1. I have MATLAB figure, saved on my laptop as *.fig file.
    I’d like to open it via some browser (Chrome / Edge / etc…) and to be able to do all (at least most of the main ones) features you can do when opening a figure via MATLAB itself. Stuff like Zoom , Pan , Select data point , etc…
  • I can’t find the few lines of code that would allow me to do this with “plotly”.