Matplotlib and dash


I am trying to build a dash app and trying to save charts/tables as png (or any other format). I have experience coding but it’s mostly with Matlab and limited building front-end dashboards.

I came across a viable solution in
matplotlib in dash

In there there is a portion of code which I don’t understand regarding to saving the figure in a temporary buffer.

# Save it to a temporary buffer.
    buf = BytesIO()
    fig.savefig(buf, format="png")
    # Embed the result in the html output.
    fig_data = base64.b64encode(buf.getbuffer()).decode("ascii")
    fig_bar_matplotlib = f'data:image/png;base64,{fig_data}'

If I send fig directly to callback it gives me an error (as the writer mentioned). I could copy and paste the code to all my charts/graphs, but I would like to know the logic/theory behind so that if something goes wrong (because code never goes wrong /s)

Any links/blogs/books whatever would be helpful.

Thanks, J

hi @jung_milan
Thanks for reading that article.

Can you please clarify your question. Are you getting an error message? Are you asking how to save the image to a separate file?