How to create annotated heatmaps in subplots?

Hi @rtadewald,

Is this method simpler than that you tried before?

import numpy as np
import plotly.graph_objs as go
import plotly.figure_factory as ff
from plotly.subplots import make_subplots
import string

#Define data for heatmap
x = np.array([10*k for k in range(N)])
y = np.linspace(0, 2, N) 
z1 = np.random.randint(5,15, (N,N))
z2 = np.random.randint(10,27, (N,N))
mytext = np.array(list(string.ascii_uppercase))[:25].reshape(N,N)

fig1 = ff.create_annotated_heatmap(z1, x.tolist(), y.tolist(),  colorscale='matter')
fig2 = ff.create_annotated_heatmap(z2, x.tolist(), y.tolist(), annotation_text=mytext, colorscale='Viridis')

fig = make_subplots(
    rows=1, cols=2,

fig.add_trace([0], 1, 1)
fig.add_trace([0], 1, 2)

annot1 = list(fig1.layout.annotations)
annot2 = list(fig2.layout.annotations)
for k  in range(len(annot2)):
    annot2[k]['xref'] = 'x2'
    annot2[k]['yref'] = 'y2'
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