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How to communicate between multiple graphs

For example,there are threee graphs in this uploaded image. When I hover mouse cursor in the 1st graph,the 2nd and 3rd can update their focus and show related info. as the same day as 1st graph. What should I do? i don’t know how to update only part of the info. of the graph?

ie:I know I should use @app.callback to get the hoverData or clickData of graph1. But I don’t know what info. should I send to graph2/graph3

dash.dependencies.Output(‘my-graph2’, ‘figure’),
dash.dependencies.Input(‘my-graph1’, ‘hoverData’),
def update_graph(hoverData):

return figure

Not sure if I understand you correctly. I am guessing you need to share info of date, so probably hoverData["points"][0]['x'] would be the date? Try print(hoverData) to make sure which part you need.