Multiple hovers on one graph

Hello Dash Users!

In my Dash application I’m trying to achieve a functionality where on one graph I have two scatter plots and when the user click a point on one scatter (or hover over one point) it triggers a tooltip (hover) on the second scatter. Everything goes fine till a moment when I need to create a callback that do that. Is there somebody that could help with that?

In the past releases of Dash there was an Event pattern that apparently did the job as mentioned here:

Right now, without those Event I don’t see a way to do that.

It is not a problem to create a callback like this:

dash.dependencies.Output('DataView', 'hoverData'),
[dash.dependencies.Input('DataView', 'clickData')])
def corelatePoints(scatter1_point):
<source code to find a proper point from second dataset>
return scatter2_point

DataView is a ID of my Graph object.

I’m also wondering what is the purpose of having hoverData as an output property…