How to change the opacity of a plotly polygon or ribbon in R?

In plotly for R there is an opacity argument for lines and markers, but how do I change the opacity of fill colours in add_ribbons and add_polygons?

e.g. ‘opacity=0’ makes the line disappear here:


but has no effect on the polygon here:


Using ‘alpha’ doesn’t work either. How can I change the opacity of fill colors?

Hey @jimt,

it seems to work for me with

a <- plot_ly()%>%add_polygons(x=c(1,1,2,2),y=c(1,2,2,1),color=I("red"),opacity = 0.1)
aa <- plot_ly()%>%add_polygons(x=c(1,1,2,2),y=c(1,2,2,1),color=I("red"),opacity = 0.8)

Alternatively, you can use shapes in the layout

Thanks bcd,
I’ve updated the package but still no luck with I(), but toRGB() does the trick…