How to change/lower speed at which doubleclick on legend event triggers

Hi all,

We use Plotly.js to plot some graphs, with possibly lots of lines. To better focus on what’s important for the user, we tell them that they can click on a source in the legend to hide that line, or double-click on it to focus on just that line. All standard behavior.

However, our users are having difficulty with the double-click feature. They need more to double-click on an item, the development teams can double-click faster. So when our users double-click, it gets interpreted as 2 single-clicks.

Is the “debounce” time for how long a click waits for it to be a double-click configureable? If not, where can I change it for our own fork? I thought I’d find it in legends/handle_click.js but I think my limited javascript skills are not seeing it.


Hello @eirvandelden,

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Yes, it is possible to adjust the delay. Have a look here:

Hi jinnyzor,

Sweet! That’s it! Thanks so much :smile:

I will say, that sometimes their documentation is a little hard to pinpoint exactly where to look.

But, if you normally pair what you want to do with plotly (dash) in a google query, you can find the documentation on the site. :slight_smile:

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