Double click delay

Is it possible to adjust it?


Yes please see (and for the javascript syntax).

I see one for Python, but not for JS.

yes it’s not documented for Javascript but the option exists, this is why I gave both the link to Python (to have the parameter name) and to Javascript (so that you have the syntax for config and can adapt the Python example)

I tried this:

Plotly.react(div_chart, chartData, layout, {
            displayModeBar: false,
            dragmode: 'zoom',
            doubleClick: 'reset',
            doubleClickDelay: 1000,
            showAxisDragHandles: false

doesn’t seem to make any difference.

Hum, don’t know much about Javascript so not sure I can help you here. Did you try with Plotly.plot or Plotly.newplot in a codepen to see if it works?