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How to avoid 'Updating...' html/browser title when using Interval Event

When using interval events, the browser title nervously flickers briefly from the std/custom app title to “Updating…”.

Can this somewhat annoying feature be suppressed/customized?

Example case:

Unfortunately the standard app.title = 'My App Title' command seems useless here, as also such custom titles are temporarily overwritten by the interval event, and the only solution to avoid any nervous flickering with frequent events would be to set the title permanently to the same “Updating…” string, which is obviously very suboptimal.

A solution would be greatly appreciated!

Best regards, Florian

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Did you ever find a solution? I’ve just started with Plotly and it’s really annoying. One idea I’m going to try is to embed the entire thing in an iframe.

Sadly not at all.

Sadly enough just one of very many severe shortcomings of plotly imho - I hope I’ll be better off when I finally switch to Django, which would be my (admittedly very uneducated as I’m newbie still everyhwere) suggestion to anyone starting out as you mentioned you do. Plotly = amazing to quickly have few graphs on a tab, but for some serious software I had the impression to get into all sorts of shortcomings overly quickly.

Any updates on this?

I really would love to see any progress on this issue. There also exists an issue on Github to this:

Same here. "Updating … " when a graph loads/ other output load states make sense but we need to turn it off when an Interval is being activated - I get the flickering every 1 sec the interval runs for me which is very annoying.

Thanks to @stlehmann for taking a crack at this one! :tada: This feature is now in progress and getting reviewed in

Many thanks to @stlehmann! This feature is now available in dash==1.14.0 (📣 Dash v1.14.0 Released - Update the Tab's Title, Removing the "Updating..." Messages, Updated DataTable Link Behavior) and is documented in Look for the title= and update_title= . See the “Customizing Dash’s Document or Browser Tab Title”, " Update the Document Title Dynamically based off of the URL or Tab", and “Customizing or Removing Dash’s “Updating…” Message” sections.

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