How to adjust tick labels offset from axis?

I find the y axis tick labels are placed too close to the y axis when larger font sizes are used (as is necessary when preparing a figure for print media). I don’t see a setting to adjust the label offset from the axis.

I tried using space character ticksuffix to increase the offset which works fine in the preview but does not appear to work with the PDF or PNG high-res output outputs.

Am I missing something in the documentation?

You could increase the ticklen:

(This example on tick formatting may also be helpful)

Background colored ticks are a great workaround for PDF and PNG hi-res, thank you. This solved my current use-case.

I do wish there was setting to control the offset directly in case I want to use visible ticks in the future.

There is a real need to do something about this. When we want to display the ticks, especially outside, then we have no controls at all on the position of the ticks: offset to the axe line, offset to the axe title, vertical alignment to the tick.

Default positioning is bad, and we need customising.

Is there a way to have the y-axis labels on the inside like in the image? I’m basically looking for textposition =‘inside’ but without it being squashed in small bars (unless there’s a fix for that?). I’m looking for a way to write the text across the bar. Would appreciate any help!

You can use css to do that:

   text-anchor: start;