How to adjust axis label offsets?


Can someone point me to how to change the axis label offsets in Python? Sorry this was wasn’t immediately obvious from the documentation.


Here’s a link to the documentation for adjust y-axes:

Take note of the section referencing multiple y-axes. Here, you’ll see position in the dictionaries for the y-axis layout. By adjusting this value (scale of 0-1), you can move the axes around.

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Thanks for the reply!

I tried using ‘position’ and it looks like it helps moving the whole axis, with labels and ticklabels, from left (0) to right (1) in case of a y-axis. However, the issue I am facing is that when I increase the y-axis label size, it overlaps the axis ticklables. So is there was a way to offset just the label text, without the ticklabels, further to the left of a y-axis leaving the ticklabels as it is?

It seems like this is not possible at the moment:

Oh that’s a bummer. Thanks anyway!

Any idea if this has become possible? Thank you!


Thanks for the link. I still cannot get what I’d like, for some reason. I understand position goes from 0-1. At 0, the y-axis labels are placed immediately adjacent to the first data point. I would like some gap (a few pixels perhaps) between the axis label and the first bar in my bar chart, for example. Can you please advise if this is possible?


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you can set ticksuffix=" "