How to add new line in datatable cell

i m trying to add newline inside dash datatable but failed with with these ways.

1/ markdown presentation desn’t allow user input.

2/ input presentation with css doesn’t change the typed \n to newline, with the preline css.

3/ pressing Enter in presentation doesnt create newline.

may i know is there some ways to create newline in datatable? thanks


hi @testingl
welcome to the community and thank you for your question.

Try this post answer.


hi Adam, I’m afraid he’s trying just to get his users to enter line breaks on the page.

hi @AnnMarieW May I ask if there is any way to type newlines by keyboard or copy and paste?

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thanks Adam and stu. Yep i m trying to let user input newlines inside a datatable cell. Sorry for not being clear.

Hey @testingl
Just add a wrap class on the tag to add a new line in DataTable Cell

Well, you can wrap overflow content onto multiple lines – and you can find some examples of how to do that in the docs, but I don’t think the user can enter a new line character to break the line at a specified place while entering data in the cell. It operates like an html.Input - and it’s not possible to enter new lines into an Input field like that.

The only workaround I can think of is to use using Textarea, which does support multi-line input. However, then you would have to create an html Table rather than using DataTable because you currently can’t use other components in DataTable cells.

thanks @jordan48, could u provide a small sample plz. I dont quite understand it

thx very much @AnnMarieW. The user doesnt want to create another spearate table though. If something like embeded component could work would be great.

The datatable is great job btw.

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