How to add multiple tool-tip data labels to same value in scatter?

Hi everyone, I am pretty new to using plotly. I have a project where I end up with a data-frame that is composed of an index with person names and a bunch of qualitative features as strings in each column. I’ve ran an MCA on this data-frame and get two values for each person. I want to use this to cluster these people into multiple clusters based on the combination of attributes. However, since within a cluster they have the exact values if they have the same groups, when I try to visualize these clusters I only get one data label when I hover over the dot. Of course I know I have my clusters already just by comparing which persons have the same values, but I’d like them to be visualized in the scatter plot. Is there anyway I can add the other labels when I hover over the datapoint?

Here is my code that produces the scatterplot:

import plotly.graph_objects as go

fig = go.Figure(data=go.Scatter(x=df_mca[‘xvalue’], y = df_mca[‘yvalue’], mode = ‘markers’, marker_color=‘turquoise’, text=df_mca.index))

Here are some examples from the table

index xvalue yvalue
Person1 -.628146 -.247632
Person2 -.628146 -.247632
Person3 -.948371 1.113571
Person4 -.628146 -.247632
Person5 1.549416 1.243589

As you can see person 1, 2, and 4 have the same exact value. When I hover over that value only person 4 shows up in the data label, but I want person 1 and 2 to as well.

Thank you!