How to add marker at the beginning and ending of shapes


I am using the gantt chart in plotly. What I would like to know if it is possible to add a marker ad the begin-point (and end point) of a custom shape. Here is an example of code:

df = [dict(Task="Job A", Start='2009-01-01', Finish='2009-02-28'),
      dict(Task="Job B", Start='2009-03-05', Finish='2009-04-15'),
      dict(Task="Job C", Start='2009-02-20', Finish='2009-05-30')]

fig = ff.create_gantt(df)

and this is the code to add custom shape:

fig['layout']['shapes'] = [
            'type': 'line',
            'x0': '2009-04-15',
            'y0': 0,
            'x1': '2009-04-16',
            'y1': 3,
            'line': {'color': 'rgb(255,255,0)'}

offline.plot(fig, filename='gantt-simple-gantt-chart')

Is there a way to add a marker(circle), with a text, at the beginning`(and the end if possible) of this shape ( as shown in the image here:

i thank you in advance for your help,

Hi @raindad85,

You could draw the circle using unfilled circle shapes ( And you could draw the text and connecting lines using annotations with arrows (

Hope that helps,