How to add Google Sheets as a data source in Plotly.js

Hello Plotly Community!

I’m looking to add data from Google Sheets to Plotly.js and however my efforts have not been successful. I came to know of this amazing community that I have confidence they will find a solution for me. I only have a way to fetch data from Github in csv format, but ould like to fetch my data from Google sheets. I needed your assistance on a way to implement this. If any of you has any idea, please feel free to help me solve this, I will greatly appreciate.


Hi @Steel8
I think you need to get the google sheet in Pandas first and then use it in Plotly. I saw that exist different ways to do that, some using the google API and others the Pandas API.
This video says that do not use google API to do that: Pandas Tutorial | Import Google Sheets data without using Google API - YouTube

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Thanks for your response and assistance, however I wanted to use plotly.js instead and not… do you have any idea how to do that in plotly.js

No, Sorry. I’m not a Plotly expert, but there are some experts like @ashishkrsoutlook that I’m sure can give you a good answer to that. :grinning:

Thanks for your assistance @Eduardo , referring me to someone is an amazing thing and I’m glad. Let me talk to him now🙂