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How set size of choropleth?

I’m trying to make a choropleth map, but how can i set the size of the map?

I would like expand the map to all the space, i read the documentations but i didn’t find a solution.


Setting layout.width and layout.height should do the trick.

thanks for your answer but layout.width and layout.height set the cointaner of map ( includes title and legend)

Did you find an answer @ricio91?

Hi Rico, Did you resolve this issue? I am also suffering the same problem.



Me too. Can’t find the answer nowhere.
I’ve set width value to this node, which seems to be responsible for that size but no effect.

<g class="geolayer" style="width: 1000px;"><g class="geo geo" clip-path="url(#clipc53464geo)" style="width: 1000px;"><g class="layer bg"><rect style="pointer-events: all; fill: rgb(255, 255, 255); fill-opacity: 1; cursor: auto;" y="95" height="280" width="700" x="300"></rect></g><g class="layer ocean"><path style="stroke: none; fill: rgb(173, 216, 230); fill-opacity: 1;" d="M582.2621956375574,174.5710941084537L579.0218356011536,171.060704069...
7L188.55845121451443,168.0903740356464L188.49849998333315,168.07402369986968L188.49849998333315,161.3936299604122Z"></path></g><g class="layer frontplot"><g class="scatterlayer"></g></g></g></g>