How is app data handled when drawing a mapbox plot?

I am very new to dash and dashboard making. I am planning on using dash for interactive visualization of geo data.
I was wondering if Dash enthusiasts could help me understand how the app data is handled.

  1. When drawing a mapbox scatter, is Mapbox API used to locate the markers on the coordinate plane or is it done locally? As far as I understand there is definitely a 50 000 limit on the number of requests to API.
  2. How is the information hanlded when connecting to static mapbox API in terms of privacy? Does the mapbox get access to the data, including both coordinates and other attribute data?
  3. How does plotly handle the app data? Is privacy observed?

It is done locally.

I believe that it does not, but you should ask mapbox directly.

Plotly does not handle any of your data, Dash works entirely locally.